Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tudor House

Hello our friends,

Today we visited a Tudor mansion in Halifax, West Yorkshire. It was built hundreds of years ago at the time of the King Henry VIII.

Can you see the outside of the building is white and black? We were impressed by the gardens because they were symmetrical. The class representatives had to knock on the large wrought iron studded door. A few seconds later, a lord dressed in traditional Tudor clothes answered!


We found out that the Tudors mixed herbs and spices to help with illnesses. The doctors would wear masks with noses filled with fragrant ingredients to protect them.

We mixed our own posie bags to keep our clothes smelling fresh. The Tudors didn't like to bathe very often.

Here we are learning how to play bowls - a traditional Tudor game. The balls curved as we rolled them across the room.

Here are some more photos we took inside Shibden Hall!


These stained glass windows were taken from a church. The Tudor King - Henry VIII commanded that churches were destoyed!
I thought the owls reminded me of the Ward Green School logo.

Here is a Tudor doll. We tried to talk to her but she didn't say very much!
Bye for now
Smarandita (and Nica) xxxxx

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