Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Visit to Cannon Hall Farm

Hello my friends,

Today my best friend took us on an adventure to Cannon Hall Farm.

Here we are! Can you see Cannon Hall at the top of the hill?
Behind the building is a wonderful farm with a lot of animals and an adventure playground.

My friend was really lucky because she got to hold an owl just like Hedwig from the Harry Potter films.

We made a new friend. Her name was Daisy the cow!!

My friend showed us how to milk a Yorkshire cow (but only a pretend one).

We got to see lots of baby animals. This one is a goat.

All the sheep in this pen are pregnant and will have their babies in the next few weeks.

These are some baby sheep. They have only just been born. Awww they are so cute! My friend even got to stroke one. Its wool felt soft and velvety.

While we were waiting for the sheep race to begin we bought a ticket for the one we thought would win. If you are wondering which colour won, click below and you will find out.

Cannon Hall has a big and exciting adventure playground.

My friend took us to the top of one of the climbing frames and we slid back down a long slide.

Although the day was cold, we still managed to eat a tasty Fab lolly together.  We really did have a fantastic time at Cannon Hall.

You can click on the hot spot below to visit the website and look at more of the animals.

Lots of happy hugs being sent your way,

from Nica and Smarandita xxx

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