Friday, 1 November 2013

Arrived in Belgium........

 OO OOO OOOO    what a mess.  I was in Belgium (i'm still there hahaa) Thibau Nys took me home. Maybe you don't know him but his daddy is very famous in Belgium because he is the World Champion cyclocross. 
We went together to the qualifying round for the world championship football next year.  But ....... i got lost and so , they couldn't take photos. Fortunately they found me back . After a good wash and scrub  It was me again ...... and time went by...

 Next day  Siebe took me home. He good a lovely cat and a nice brother. He went for his football training and I went with him. Look he has an official suit of the  Red Devils , the Belgium footballteam.
 In bed we played a bit and than we  were in for a good night sleep

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