Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Out on the playground in the UK

Hello our friends at home in Romania and all our friends around Europe,

We have been having lots of fun getting to know the children in United Kingdom. They have some nice trips planned for us us over the next few weeks.

We have noticed the children work very hard in their lessons. Here we are practicing our English reading. We were finding out about how diamonds are made.  Is everybody working hard at home?

Everyday the children get some play time. They have 15 minutes in the morning to play outside. They also have the same in the afternoon.

Here is Smarandita with some of her new friends. I had to take their picture.

 The children in the UK are extremely lucky. They have wonderful playground markings. A few years ago they had a summer celebration. The parents, teachers and children raised money to pay for the games on the playground. I enjoyed playing hopscotch!

The target game is great fun. I scored 50 points!

Here we are playing the maze game! I was really happy to find Smarandita in the middle.

I also watched the boys and girls play football. They have a special competition in school.Whichever class has the best attendance wins an extra football session at the end of the week.

Here we are lining up, ready to go back inside school. Didn't we look sensible at the front of the line?

We are now getting ready for some fun events.  Next week we will be working with an Ipad artist and we are going on a class trip to Shibden Hall, a tudor house in Halifax.

See you soon! We are looking forward to coming home in May!

Love Nica x (and Smarandita x)

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